Data Analytics Intern at the United Nations

June 6, 2024
Application ends: June 18, 2024
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Job Description

About the Company

The United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) is the UN’s primary headquarters in Africa, representing the Secretary-General in Kenya. UNON supports the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), and the Resident Coordination System (RCS) globally, as well as other UN offices in Kenya, by providing essential administrative, security, conference, and information services. For more information, visit UNON’s website.

About the Job

Position: Intern – Data Analytics
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Type: Internship
Department: Division of Administrative Services (DAS), Information and Communications Technology Service (ICTS)

We are looking for a proactive Data Analytics Intern to join our ICTS team. This role offers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in data analysis, data processing, and business intelligence within a global organization.

Job Descriptions

Mission Statement for the Role:

Analyze and interpret complex data sets to create insightful reports and dashboards, supporting UNON’s ICTS initiatives.

Overall Responsibility:

Utilize statistical techniques and analytical tools to process and interpret data, ensuring datasets are updated and generating valuable insights for business improvement.

Qualifications and Experience

Educational Requirements:

Applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate program in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) or a related field.
  2. Enrolled in the final academic year of a degree program in ICT or a related field.
  3. Completed at least three years of full-time studies towards an ICT degree or related degree in countries where higher education is not divided into undergraduate and graduate stages.


  1. Analytical Skills: Ability to interpret and analyze data to identify patterns and draw conclusions.
  2. Computer Knowledge: Proficiency in statistical and analytical software.
  3. Scripting Languages: Familiarity with scripting languages such as .Net, Python, and SQL.
  4. Problem-solving: Strong critical thinking skills for troubleshooting and improving systems.
  5. Data Modeling: Knowledge of data modeling principles/methods including conceptual, logical, and physical Data Models.
  6. Business Intelligence Tools: Ability to use BI tools (Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, Microsoft, Business Objects) to represent insights.


  • Proficiency in English is required.
  • Knowledge of additional UN languages is an advantage.

Eligibility and Selection:

  • Must be a student in the final year of a university degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent), Master’s, or Ph.D. program, or have recently graduated.
  • Must provide proof of academic enrollment or completion.

Core Functions / Responsibilities:

  1. Analyze data using statistical techniques to create ongoing reports.
  2. Identify and interpret patterns and trends in complex data sets.
  3. Ensure datasets are regularly updated.
  4. Develop tables, views, and procedures on Microsoft SQL Server for data processing and cleansing.
  5. Create technical training manuals and gather user feedback for process improvements.
  6. Acquire data from primary and secondary sources to develop reports and dashboards.
  7. Identify opportunities to enhance business activities and define business user requirements.

How To Prepare For a Data Analytics Internship at the United Nations

  1. Understand the Role: Research the responsibilities and expectations for a Data Analytics Intern.
  2. Enhance Technical Skills: Familiarize yourself with statistical techniques, data analysis tools, and scripting languages.
  3. Stay Updated: Keep abreast of the latest trends and technologies in data analytics and business intelligence.

Questions You Might Be Asked During a Data Analytics Internship Interview at the United Nations

  1. How do you approach analyzing large data sets?
  2. Can you describe your experience with statistical software and BI tools?
  3. What scripting languages are you proficient in?
  4. How do you handle data discrepancies or anomalies?
  5. Can you give an example of how you improved a business process using data?

Tips To Nail Your Data Analytics Internship Interview at the United Nations

  1. Show Enthusiasm: Demonstrate your passion for data analytics and its applications.
  2. Be Prepared: Have specific examples of your data analysis projects and experiences ready to discuss.
  3. Highlight Problem-solving Skills: Emphasize your ability to troubleshoot and improve data systems.
  4. Ask Insightful Questions: Show your interest in the role by asking relevant questions about the team and projects.
  5. Communicate Clearly: Practice clear and effective communication to articulate your thoughts and experiences.

By following these guidelines and insights, you’ll be well-prepared to secure and excel in the Data Analytics Internship at the United Nations Office at Nairobi. Good luck!