Internship Opportunities at ReadTrips in Nairobi, Kenya

Are you passionate about blending education with global exploration? ReadTrips, nestled in the heart of Nairobi County, Kenya, is your gateway to transformative travel experiences! We are excited to announce internship openings that offer a unique opportunity to join our vibrant team and contribute to shaping unforgettable educational journeys for students worldwide.

About ReadTrips

At ReadTrips, we specialize in curating enriching study trips that transcend borders and disciplines. From art and science to history and technology, our tailored programs provide students with unparalleled access to global institutions and cultural hotspots. Based in Nairobi, our diverse team is dedicated to fostering educational growth through immersive travel experiences.

Internship Positions Available:

  • Sales Intern

    Are you a persuasive communicator with a passion for educational travel? Join us as a Sales Intern and help promote our inspiring study programs to schools and educational institutions. You’ll have the chance to engage with prospective clients, craft compelling presentations, and contribute to expanding our global footprint in educational travel.

    Apply through the link below;

Sales Intern at ReadTrips

  • Digital Marketing Intern

Dive into the world of digital marketing with our Digital Marketing Internship! Collaborate with our dynamic team to enhance our online presence and drive engagement through creative content and strategic campaigns. If you’re tech-savvy, creative, and eager to make an impact in the travel industry, this internship is your opportunity to shine.

Apply through the link below;

Digital Marketing Intern at ReadTrips

Why Join Us?

  • Hands-On Experience: Gain valuable insights and practical skills in your chosen field within a supportive and innovative environment.
  • Impactful Work: Contribute to meaningful projects that empower students to explore, learn, and grow through travel.
  • Professional Growth: Receive mentorship from industry experts and expand your knowledge of educational travel and digital marketing strategies.

Qualifications and How to Apply

Whether you’re pursuing a degree or recently graduated, we welcome individuals who are enthusiastic about education, travel, and cultural exchange. Check out the full job descriptions for the Sales Intern and Digital Marketing Intern positions here and here.

How to Prepare for Your Application

Prepare for success with our tips on how to excel in your internship application and ace the interview:

  • How to Prepare for the Sales Internship: Research our programs and be ready to demonstrate your passion for educational travel and sales acumen.
  • Questions You Might Be Asked: Expect questions about your approach to selling educational travel and examples of successful sales experiences.
  • Tips to Nail Your Interview: Showcase your enthusiasm for travel and education, and highlight your ability to build meaningful connections with potential clients.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

Ready to embark on a career-defining adventure with ReadTrips? Apply now and unlock your potential to inspire students through transformative travel experiences. Together, let’s shape the future of education one journey at a time!

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