Absa Bank Hiring For Entry-Level Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager role at Absa Group offers an exciting opportunity to be part of a dynamic team that drives the brand’s success. With responsibilities ranging from strategic planning to integrated campaign management, this position is ideal for experienced marketing professionals looking to make a significant impact. By leveraging Absa’s resources and support, you can unlock your potential and shape the future of banking in Africa.

About Absa Group

Absa Group Limited, a leading financial institution, has a rich history spanning over 100 years. As a prominent local bank with regional and international expertise, Absa is dedicated to empowering Africa’s tomorrow by providing innovative financial solutions. A career with Absa offers a unique opportunity to be part of an exciting growth journey, shaping the future of banking in Africa.

Career Development at Absa

Absa’s My Career Development Portal provides comprehensive support for employees at every stage of their careers. With cutting-edge tools and resources, Absa helps employees unlock their potential, design their future, and explore new career possibilities. At Absa, you are not just an employee; you are part of a family that values growth, innovation, and excellence.

Job Summary

The Marketing Manager at Absa Group is responsible for developing, implementing, and executing strategic marketing plans to meet brand and business objectives. This role involves driving integrated campaign management, managing relationships with key marketing agencies, setting budgets, and providing marketing insights to cross-functional teams.

Job Description

Job Purpose

As a Marketing Manager, you will:

  • Develop and execute strategic marketing plans and programmes.
  • Drive integrated campaign management and measurement.
  • Manage relationships with marketing agencies to ensure optimal output.
  • Set budgets for marketing programmes and ensure consistent messaging.
  • Provide marketing insight and input in cross-functional business project teams.

Key Accountabilities

  1. Design and Implementation of Marketing Strategies – 40%

    • Develop Go-To-Market (GTM) plans aligned with overall strategy.
    • Gather market insights to enhance business strategies.
    • Drive integrated marketing planning and communication.
    • Manage financial and human resources to maximize Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).
    • Commission market research to identify opportunities and evaluate strategies.
  2. Operational Risk Management – 15%

    • Manage allocated budgets and monitor supplier payments.
    • Ensure compliance with legal and compliance parameters.
    • Manage supplier relationships within the sourcing policy framework.
    • Implement policies and procedures for internal and external engagement.
  3. Integrated Campaign Management and Measurement – 20%

    • Support efficient traffic function for timely campaign delivery.
    • Drive campaign projects from brief to final output.
    • Build measurable targets into campaign plans and ensure accurate reporting.
  4. Channel Marketing Support – 15%

    • Identify appropriate marketing channels and ensure optimal media mix.
    • Ensure consistent brand messaging across all channels.
    • Collaborate with business heads for effective marketing activities.
  5. Team Development – 10%

    • Share best practices and seek continuous improvement.
    • Develop understanding of business divisions and their priorities.
    • Act as an advocate for Absa Group values and behaviours.
    • Foster a positive working environment and provide learning opportunities for junior colleagues.

Technical Skills and Competencies

Technical Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, or a related field.
  • Master’s degree and professional accreditation are added advantages.
  • Proficiency in digital marketing.


  • Deep understanding of traditional and emerging marketing channels.
  • Excellent communication and creative thinking skills.
  • Budget-management proficiency and professional judgment.
  • Analytical skills to forecast trends and challenges.
  • Adaptability to changing business environments.
  • Customer-centric approach.
  • Strong negotiation and networking skills.
  • Business acumen and results orientation.
  • Effective stakeholder engagement.

Expertise and Experience

Candidates should have:

  • Minimum 6 years of experience in marketing, with at least 2 years in a middle management role.
  • Extensive experience with third-party agencies (creative, media, digital, and PR).
  • Strong project management skills..

The Impact of a Marketing Manager in Today’s Business Environment

Marketing managers play a crucial role in shaping the brand and driving business growth. Their strategic planning and execution of marketing campaigns are vital for achieving business objectives. In today’s competitive market, effective marketing management ensures that the brand remains relevant, resonates with the target audience, and achieves measurable results.

The Role of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Integrated marketing campaigns are essential for delivering consistent messages across multiple channels. They ensure that all marketing efforts are aligned with the brand’s objectives and resonate with the audience. Effective campaign management involves coordinating various elements such as digital marketing, traditional media, PR, and experiential marketing to create a cohesive and impactful campaign.

Importance of Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is crucial for making informed decisions and optimizing marketing efforts. By leveraging market research and data analytics, marketing managers can identify trends, understand consumer behavior, and measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies. This approach allows for continuous improvement and maximizes the return on marketing investment.

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